Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Will the MCC-216 support USB and PS-2 Keyboards and Mouse?

With the current application software, the MCC-216 supports only PS-2 Keyboards
and PS-2 Mouse.

The MCC-TV supports a USB Joypad (including mouse) and has a virtual keyboard function.

2) Will the MCC-216 and MCC-TV support PAL and NTSC Video out?

Yes, the MCC supports both PAL and NTSC Video. Generally, the PAL version offers better
performance and compatibility for games. The only difference between our PAL and NTSC
images is the default setting yo can switch with hot keys between PAL and NTSC
(see ReadMe.txt of the Cores).

3) What can I do if my TV will not support S-video?

You can buy an S-Video – CVBS converter cable (please check our store) or you can buy the
MCC – TV with composite video output.
If you are in Europe you can purchase an S-video to SCART converter. If your TV, PC monitor or
Beamer support VGA input you can purchase the MCC-216 VGA version. The VGA version
offers the best picture quality compared to the S-Video version.

4) Which Classic Computers are next for the MCC?

Today, the MCC-216 support Commodore C64, AMIGA, ATARI 2600, ATARI 800 XL, ZX Spectrum and the Apple 2e.
However we are currently working on different core in addition for the MCC-216.

Today the MCC-TV support the  Commodore C64, AMIGA.
However other cores will follow in sequenze in the near future.

If you have developed a classic computer written for an FPGA (Verilog or VHDL) and you like to support the open design of the Multiple Classic Computer, please contact us and view the development section of this page.

5) How can I add application data, games and demos to the MCC?

Simply copy your ROMS towards the USER folder on the SD-card.
All ROMs will show up in the USER selection menu and you can simply mark them and load the ROMs.

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